Environmental protection

Environmental protection

Environmental protection issues are very important to us. It is essential for us to care about the world that surrounds us, when providing construction chemicals and waterproofing products.

In addition to design our products with a view to their future impact on environment, we try to apply the principle of sustainable development. With the rapid expansion of our company we do not forget about the responsibility for the environment.

Our products are certified by independent research bodies, allowing contractors to use them without concerns about their impact on the ecosphere.

For IZOHAN care about the environment does not only mean compliance with strict internal standards in the production process. We also try to apply “green solutions” at every level of our operations. We apply a policy of sustainable waste management by waste sorting and prudent use of materials difficult to recycle.

If you would like to share any comments on the environmental performance of our company, please contact us via e-mail: srodowisko@nexler.com

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