About us

NEXLER Sp. z o.o.

Izohan is a Polish, dynamically developing company founded in 1989. Since the very beginning it has been producing high performance waterproofing products. By introducing new technologies and solutions, Izohan has become an expert at waterproofing and construction chemicals.

Atlas Group

Since 2006 Izohan operates within Atlas Group. In 2013 acquisition of Nexler took place, and in 2014 Izohan merged with PPMB IZOLMAT Sp. o. o. Currently, Izohan operates under four brands: IZOHAN, IZOLMAT, Nexler and IZOLMIX. The integration of brands helped us to build unique expertise at the development of products and markets within ATLAS Group. Izohan has the widest range of construction chemicals and waterproofing products, offers hundreds of system solutions and supports Customers at every stage of the investment project.


Izohan offers such products as sealing slurries, epoxy membranes, bituminous masses, PCC mortars, impregnation products, products for renovation and fungi treatment, adhesives, polyurethane foams, PVC membranes, shingles and bituminous membranes. Izohan technology guarantees full repeatability of the processes and the highest quality of products, as confirmed by numerous industry awards and distinctions. Our products build the world around us!