Izohan Izohan Izohan Izohan Izohan
  • Description
    two-component flexible waterproofing, CM, O
  • Consumption
    ok. 1.5 kg/m2 /mm
  • Temperature of use
    od 8°C do 30°C
  • In compliance with
    3-4 h
  • In compliance with
    PN-EN 14891
  • Available packages
    Small kit: 9 kg + 15 kg, Big kit: 15 kg + 25 kg
Sealing buildings of any height, in old and contemporary construction indoors and outdoors; waterproofing terraces and balconies; sealing external basement walls and foundations subject to shrinkage cracks; sealing: swimming pools, slurry tanks, waste water tanks, utility and drinking water tanks, refuse dumps, car washes.

Limits the concrete carbonization process; enables water evaporation from damp constructions; resistant to aggressive chemical solutions; solvent-free; highly elastic; cracks bridging; resistant to UV rays; resistant to petrol and oils; for indoor and outdoor use.

water dispersion of plastics, modified cement mix

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